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Interview with Duke Brion of Tarragon

A 10 time Duke!  2 in the East and 8 in Atenveldt.  He has lineage and
is long and consists of many other great fighters.  He has influenced
and been a part of both sides of the coasts in the SCA and has some
unique experiences. 

We talk a bit about how his first armour
was a full suit of Plate!  Talk about taking the plunge!  We talk a
fair bit of the recent Pennsic and what his goals were as King of the
East.  We also briefly explore a new topic of discussion, such as
generational stylistic difference in fighting and some who fall into
different catagories.  1st. Gen - The originals who formed the basis of
our rules set, who I don't recall, but one would probably be Duke Paul,
who sort of falls into the 2nd Gen.  Others in the 2nd Gen would be
Duke Brion, Duke Brannos, Duke Palymar, Duke Lucan and others.  The 3rd
Gen, who we briefly discuss might be someone like Duke Edmund or Duke
Alighinan.  Of course, the 4th Gen would be those making the scene
right now, such as Duke Felix, Count Michael and HRM Bardolph.

bit of history and yet another awesome discussion with one of the great
personages of the SCA!  For more information about Duke Brion, check
out his household's website here.

Link to Mp3 at
SCA fighting melee combat martial art ar

Count Michael O'Bryan of Artemisia interview is up!

Well, this one is a bit late, as we recorded it on 8-31-2006 just after
Pennsic, but I finally finished editing it!  At the time, Michael was
King of Artemisia as well!  I hope you like it as we certainly did.  It
was wonderful to meet Michael at Pennsic and cross swords with him, but
even more so to get an interview with him and talk about what it is
like being a Rock Star at Pennsic, aka Royalty!  As it was his first
time there, it was also fun to get to hear his stories about that
part.  Oh ya, he is only 29 years old and reigned as an Unbelted King! 

We learn a bit about the kingdom of Artemisia, which is one of those out west big kingdoms.

So visit the web site ( and leave your comments and questions. 

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SCA fighting melee combat martial art ar

New episodes are up!

Pennsic field report of Monday and Tuesday at War. Kith is at home and I am on the cell phone.

There is also a Legio Pin and Envelopment training video drill up as well.

We also put up our first Music podcast and hopefully you like it. I expect to get more up soon.

Upcoming episodes:

Wed-Friday of Pennsic report
HRM Michael of Artemisia
Sir Vitus von Atzinger
HRH Bardolf of the Midrealm

All these are already recorded and will be released once a week on Fridays.

I also addded an episode report scrolling banner with the last four episodes to my front page of myspace.
SCA fighting melee combat martial art ar

Pain Bank shows upcoming

Report from Pennsic 35 Sat-Tues of midweek
Review after Pennsic 35 is over Wedsday to end of war
1st music show
Interview with Sir Vitus Atzinger
Interview with HRM Michael of Artemisia!

We ended up getting stickers verse T-shirts, but we are opening a Cafepress store soon! Check the Merchandise page on the site for links.
SCA fighting melee combat martial art ar

Pennsic 35 Preview - latest Pain Bank episode!

Our Guest, Captain Gunnar, Kith and I discuss the upcoming Pennsic 35 and what is Gunnar Funk! Pennsic 35 is finally here, hell some folks are already on site. Kith and I will be there for the middle weekend and will be podcasting from on site, so check back daily. We have something in the works for working with The Pennsic Independent and hopefully we can get the word out. I am hoping to have T-shirts on site as well, so come find me. $12 for listeners and more if you find them at a merchent.

We had some technical difficulty and lost our recorded episode with HRM Felix and HRM Brion. We are implementing some hardware fixes for this software pain and future recordings will be much better.

I expect to have an Advertiser page up by Pennsic as well for those, who may wish to advertise to our audience on The Pain Bank!

Insured by the FDIC - Fighting Dukes In Charge
SCA fighting melee combat martial art ar

t-shirts for the pain bank

I was considering getting some t-shirts made up with the Pain Bank logo on them and selling them. Anyone interested out there? Anyone going to Pennsic interested in selling them from your booth?
SCA fighting melee combat martial art ar

Rose Tournament Event report is up!

With our Guest Lady Malla, we did an event report for the Rose Tourney,
which was held in the Incipient Shire of al Ja'far on 6-4-2006.

It was a blast and Lady Malla was great as she got to see many aspects of the tournament, that Kith and I did not.

also added new intro and exit music to the mix courtesy of the The
Brobdingnagian Bards ( with the song at the end
their version of Greensleeves.